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Why Maxine?: Text

What is Coaching with Maxine?

Transformational Growth

Each of us can transform our lives with proper intention and action. I help clients get clarity on the steps to achieve their vision, and realize their innate capacity for transformation. My coaching blends 18 years of finance, business & leadership experience with a practical, proven coaching process to achieve your goals.

Deep Personal Insights

It’s amazing what’s uncovered in deep listening and exploration of our inner selves. Together, we go beyond surface layers to uncover underlying patterns and motivations, ensuring any action serves your deepest truths. My coaching facilitates deep self-awareness in a container of compassionate support. Through reflection and connection, we create a safe space for vulnerability and honesty to drive personal exploration. Curiosity replaces fear, and possibility replaces doubt.

Accountability for Success

Take 100% responsibility for your growth, and be held accountable for actionable steps forward. Humans are social, and perform better when we are accountable to others. I uses clear, actionable tools & frameworks to move you forward on the path of making your biggest goals real.

Why Maxine?: List

Uncover Patterns.
Live with Purpose.
Use your Potential.
Build with Intention.


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Connect to your potential

Why Maxine?: Text

Find out if Coaching is for you!

Does Coaching make sense for me?

Coaching is a great tool if you feel a gap between where you are at the moment and where you would like to be. You might experience a deep longing for purpose and vision, feel stuck, frustrated, or realise that success requires more energy and resources than you can possibly give. Topics reach from life changes, personal growth over communication and relationships to leadership style and business success.

Coaching is a personal and individualised development process, that enables you to discover more about yourself, your capabilities and what's holding you back. It gives you the strength and clarity on next steps to create the life you want. 

How does it work?

I coach clients from all around the world in all time zones via zoom or skype. For those living in Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, I also offer face to face sessions. I offer coaching in English or German.

The duration of the coaching and the frequency of sessions are determined by you. Most clients choose a package of 6 sessions over a period of six months to allow a certain level of depth and sustainability.

One coaching session lasts between 45-60 minutes. At the beginning of each session we will define which topic you would like to focus on. Together we will explore the topic and define steps to deepen the insight or create the desired transformation.

What will be the impact on my life?

Through coaching you can gain more clarity about your goals and motivations. You will discover what is really important to you, what makes you feel alive and what's holding you back. 

Most clients experience some or more of the following effects through coaching:

  - state of flow and increased energy

  - more clarity and focus

  - enhanced intuition and self-awareness 

  - increased trust and confidence

  - feeling of empowerment and purpose

  - feeling of integrity and authenticity

  - greater joy and fulfilment in life and work

  - improved relationships and communication skills

What's the difference to mentoring or consulting?

Compared to a mentor or consultant, I will not provide you with a set of actions and solutions rooted in my experience but will work together with you to connect to what you truly want. I will coach you as a whole person across all areas of your life. This results in lasting and authentic actions which create flow for change and personal growth.

Can I have a test session?

The success of your coaching depends highly on the level of resonance between the client and the coach. As an opportunity for both of us to discover, if we want to work together, I offer a  30minute connection session for free.

Why Maxine?: List

Connect to your potential

Why Maxine?: Text

You are already on your way.

Keep Going!

Why Maxine?: Text
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