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Our Teacher Trainings

At the YOGA Studio we believe that Yoga is not a closed, one-size-fits all recipe to follow. The same belief shapes our Yoga Teacher Trainings.  We aim at not only providing you with a solid foundation of the why, what and how of teaching Yoga, but hold the space for your very own personal growth and development. A hOMe to be yourself and to become an authentic Yoga Teacher.

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The best Yoga Training I have ever attended. Very personal with plenty of room for individual questions. A pity that it's already over, i really enjoyed the time.

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200hr Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance Certified

Starting September 2024
(Language: DEUTSCH)

With our 200hr Hatha Vinyasa Training you will have a sound knowledge to design and teach your own yoga classes.

We are a modern school of yoga that considers yoga as a mindset and life philosophy. Our approach bridges traditional teachings with today's insights from science and nature, translating them into accessible concepts for the modern Yogi.

With the mind of a philosopher we analyse, question and reflect on the teachings. This allows for a deep embodiment of concepts and emphasises the development of an own understanding of yoga as well as an authentic teaching style.

The 10 month program is Yoga Alliance certified. It is very hands on. Expect to practice teaching from the first weekend on. 

  • Module 1 - 20-22 SEP- INTRO

  • Module 2 - 18-21 OCT- DIDACTIC I


  • Module 4 - 13-15 DEC- DIDACTIC II + SEQUENCING I

  • Module 5 - 17-19 JAN - YOGA HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY

  • Module 6 - 12-16 FEB - FOCUS WEEK (wed-sun 7am to 4pm)

  • Module 7 - 14-16 MAR - ANATOMY II & SEQUENCING II

  • Module 8 - 5+6 APR - HANDS ON & ASSISTS special

  • Module 9 - 10+11 MAY - EXAM PREP & YOGA as a BUSINESS

  • Module 10 - 24+25 MAY - EXAM

Teacher Trainings: Services
Teacher Trainings: Services

60hour Yin Teacher Training

12+13 OCT + 9+10 NOV + 30 NOV+1 DEZ 2024
(Language: DEUTSCH)
YACEP Registered Training 60 CE

Open to everyone interested to study or teach Yin Yoga! No previous Yoga Training required.

This 6 day intensive training follows the functional approach to Yin Yoga. What you will learn:


  • Foundation and history of Yin Yoga

  • Yin Archetype of Asanas and Variations, prop usage

  • Teaching and Sequencing Methodology


  • How meditation works

  • Types of meditations

  • Yoga Nidra science, theory and practice


  • Functional Anatomy of the hip

  • Skeleton Variations

  • Posture Analysis Lab

  • Fascia Theory

Yoga at Home

Hauptstr. 60, 91054 Erlangen, Germany

+49 (0)179 1500360

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