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Purpose fuels Passion

Coaching is a personal and individualised development process that helps you to feel alive and create the life you want.

Gazing Out to Sea

Discover Purpose &
Live your Mission

Your dreams can't wait. Connect with what makes you alive. Uncover your purpose, build your future. This moment is yours to make.

Unlock your Potential

We are too close to our own minds to see clearly. Growth requires perspective and accountability. Working with Maxine offers you a transfiguring mirror, unlocking powerful insight and potential that is always waiting within.

Path with Plants

Create Balance

Lasting success and happiness requires the balance between outside and inside world, between being and doing. Only if we understand our own values and inherent unique nature we can create balance and live a happy and authentic life. Balance is an art.

COACHING: Services

Here's what my clients say
about our coaching.

Attractive Young Woman

"I am so happy I ran into Maxine. Our sessions have been live changing. Her intuition is always spot on and make me explore ideas I would normally shy away from. "

- Casey, Erlangen GER-

Male Portrait

"Maxine is a fearless coach. Her ability to identify and give space to my difficult emotions is why I chose to work with her, and I wasn't disappointed."

- Mohit,  Dubai UAE-

Middle Aged Woman

Maxi has a unique understanding of the mind-body-soul connection that brings a multidimensional element to coaching that I have not experienced with other coaches.  Her talent for articulating emotions, generating visual representations of situations and challenging clients to transform in ways that are authentic to them is incredible.  I highly recommend being coached by Maxi

- Kate, Denver USA -

Portrait of Senior Woman

"Maxine masters the substance and guides the process of self-re-discovery very well. She supported me during times of change and helped me to identify an authentic path and steps towards fulfilment. She is easy to connect and communicate to.  I am very grateful for her intuitive, empathic, attentive coaching support."

- Christine, Bonn GER -

Headshot of a Woman

"It has been a true blessing. I leave sessions more energised and amazed again and again by the simplicity, incredible effectiveness, and depth at the same time."

- Joan, Zurich CH -

COACHING: Testimonials

*We respect privacy. Thats why we chose to share our client testimonials with their
first name and illustrative photographs only.


Let's Connect

No Obligations, No Expectations.

If I can't serve you, I'll help you find somebody who can. Promise.


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